Yemaya, Orisha, Goddess, & Queen Of The Sea By Raven Morgaine

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Yemaya, queen of the sea, first emerged in yorubaland (now in modern nigeria).A primordial deity, considered the mother of all, some perceive her to be at the root of numerous ancient goddesses, including isis.During the middle passage, yemaya accompanied her enslaved devotees to the western hemisphere, where her veneration took root and flourished.She is among the most beloved and prominent spirits of candombl, santeria, and other african diaspora traditions.Through her associations with the virgin mary, devotion to yemaya spread throughout latin america.Cuban immigrants brought yemaya with them to the us, where her veneration expanded exponentially.No longer a local water spirit, she became an internationally beloved goddess whose devotees derive from numerous traditions and who worship her in her many fluid forms.Yemaya currently ranks among the most beloved goddesses worldwide.Raven morgaine, a priest of yemaya for over three decades, shares his expertise and knowledge in yemaya: orisha, goddess, and queen of the sea, the first full-length english language book accessible to general readers.Morgaine explores yemayas history and her many forms, including her roles as mother, lover, witch, warrior, and mermaid.He describes her many paths, aspects, and incarnations.Simultaneously a celebration of yemaya and a practical, hands-on guide to working with her, yemaya explores her mythology in depth, as well as her special role in the lgbqt community.A 6 x 9 paperback book with 208 pages.

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