Druid Animal Oracle Deck By Carr-gomm & Carr-gomm

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The druids revered animals as sacred guides, guardians, and protectors

This beautifully illustrated deck and accompanying booklet draws from the wellspring of ancient celtic tradition, bringing healing and offering intuitive knowledge

From the interpretations of the card spreads and the lore given, one will gain powerful insights and receive positive guidance for the future

The cards have been drawn using the principles of sacred geometry, a science of great importance to the megalith-building, pre-celtic druids, who employed it extensively in the building of stone circles

Each image incorporates the same use of a pentagram, circle and square

The border of the animal cards conveys a message in ogham–the tree language of the druids

The animals are presented in a sequence starting with the blackbird, who stands at the gateway, the place of beginnings, calling us to adventure and change

Journeying to the four other oldest animals of stag, owl, eagle, and salmon, we come to know animals that lead us deeper into the otherworld, through a cycle of personal change that leads to turning to the outer world again, the empowerment of the four dragons and the concluding card of the seal–the card of love and the necessity for choice in a world that is both joyous and challenging

The text presents a summary of the druid, celtic and native teachings, concerning twenty-nine animals and four dragonsIn addition, there are three blank cards that can be used to draw animals that are personal to the reader

Use the cards as totems or turn to the oracle system provided by the authors

In either case, these druid animals can provide positive guidance and insights into the inner dynamics behind events in our lives

Includes 33 cards and a 48 page instructional booklet

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